UBOS Beta 2 is here

Details are on ubos.net.

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Next meetup on Jan 12: let’s run some web apps on a Raspberry Pi

[Meetup logo]

Register for this event on Monday, January 12, 6:30pm, at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA.

UBOS Beta 1 is here, and that means installing web apps on our Raspberry Pi’s has become as simple as executing a single command:

ubos-admin createsite

For this hands-on meetup, bring your Raspberry Pi’s, and we will get one or more web apps running on it. Your choices currently are:

• ownCloud — file sharing, calendaring, address book sharing

• Known — modern decentralized social media

• WordPress — blogging and content management

• Mediawiki — the wiki that Wikipedia runs on

• Selfoss — RSS reader

• Shaarli — URL shortener and bookmarking app

What to bring (if you have it, it’s fine to come without):

• Raspberry Pi model B or B+ (Ethernet). Alternatively bring a PC that can boot from a USB stick.

• Suitable SD Card or Micro SD Card that works with your Raspberry Pi. 4G minimum.

• Keyboard and monitor, plus cables and power supply, so you can see what your Raspberry Pi is doing.

• Enthusiasm :-)

Questions? Contact me through the Meetup event page.

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Look what we’ve got here


I’m taking them to the Hacker Dojo where I’ll be doing a lightening talk today on UBOS at 5:30pm.

As you can see, this is the Raspberry Pi version.

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UBOS Beta 1 is here

ubos-logo-bigWe are proud to be able to announce:

UBOS Beta 1 is ready for testing, on:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Standard x86 servers (Intel, AMD, …)
  • VirtualBox

More details in this blog post on the ubos.net and
this post on the indiecomputing.com site.

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